Step into history — visit Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve


Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve is one of the places where history comes to life. Here you can walk around the tsar’s palace in the company of a Russian boyar (the tsar’s counsellor), ride in a carriage along the apple garden alleys, watch falcon hunting and visit a working smithy. 


The key shown on our logo visualizes the museum’s main mission. Kolomenskoe opens the door to new knowledge, to discovering Russia’s ages-long history and art. We invite you to see unique architectural sites, to walk around our protected park area, to visit the museum exhibitions, join the guided tours, master classes and other actual events.

Explore the reconstructed Palace of Tsar Alexey Romanov

Look inside the restored XVII century chambers of the Russian Tsar and his wife, Tsarina

Discover a phenomenon recognized by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage

The Falcon Yard at Kolomenskoe is the only place in Moscow where you can discover Russian falcon hunting traditions

Visit reconstructed XIX century village houses

Look into the everyday life of the old-time Russian smith, groom, farmer and beekeeper

See the unique architectural monuments of Northern Russia and Siberia

The Museum of Wooden Architecture at Kolomenskoe is the only of its kind in Moscow

Relax walking around historical apple gardens

Russian monarchs, namely Tsar Alexey, Emperor Peter I and Empress Catherine II, liked to walk here

Find oak-trees that are over 600 years old

As tradition has it, the young Peter I would study under these trees

Discover the Russian cultural heritage

About 20 permanent and temporary exhibitions are open at Kolomenskoe

Celebrate your wedding at Kolomenskoe

You can have your marriage registered at one of our 4 locations, order a banquet in a tent pavilion and a bright festive program

Spend a night at the museum-reserve

The Kolomenskoe hotel is located in a quiet place within a walking distance of two metro lines

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