Mead Brewery


Mead Brewery


The household structure known as the Mead Brewery was built in the first half of the XVIII century at Preobrazhenskoe village where it was part of the household complex of the eliminated St. Nicholas Common Faith Monastery. 

The Mead Brewery found its new home at Kolomenskoe in 1927. Like most of the other wooden architecture monuments, it was transported here at the initiative of the museum’s first director Peter Baranovsky. Thanks to his effort to save the monuments being destroyed, an open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture appeared at Kolomenskoe, and the Mead Brewery became one of its first exhibits.

Nowadays, the Brewery is situated within the Tsar’s Courtyard boundaries, between the Church of Our Lady of Kazan Icon and the Front Gate. The museum guests may visit interactive tourist and art programs here and learn about old rites, customs and festivals. 

Did you know that….

  • The larch tree logs that served as the building material for the Mead Brewery reach 75 cm in diameter.
  • The Mead Brewery building has no windows.

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